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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Pembuka kata pembuka bicara ,

kekeke ...Islamic kan ?
nak balas balik post  sayang saya ni <3
tapi ,a tough man like me do post only 4 her gf ??yuckks !
but still ,who cares , I heart HER a lot <3 heheh
so INI counter post ntuk syg ...

abg sebelum ni law bercinta oweyz di ajar contact ari2 ,mesej n kol lah tu .ngan syg ,jz let it be as u want it to .me dun care as long as your feeling does on me UNLY :D .
started from last nite 22 JUNE 2011 ,me decided to have a deep feeling on trust on you sayang .swear to you ,there will be no curang ,oweyz there to understand you (i'll try my best!) ,serve ice cream 4 u (?) ,be a sweet guy juz 4 you .bab jumpa tu ,nanti kita aturkan satu k :P
Hey !in not any sure ways ,you make my LOVE to you become more n more . .
nak letak pic syg ah . .law syg marah nanti abg buang post ni balik :D

nanti nak lagi ah pic syg :D
hurmm ..eventhough we not oweyz contacting with ,let me know sometime bout you k ?it will flush   away a lot of lonely dat oweyz come :D
sayang ,me also din noe y but my emotional feeling to you is so strong .dun break dis tough man heart k ?hes tough but still he have heart .dis man tears already reach 7 years of record for not 'break' in any circumstances .so u din need to break d record k syg ?
lastly ,forever n oweyz HEART you my PAIMANIS :D

Doa Rabitah (Peneguh Tautan Hati)

p/s : bila nak edit blog abg :)

me , baharudin ahmad


  1. :) terima kasih! :) bakkkkk email + pass. sok pai manis editkan ye? :)

  2. editkn header ,ltk gadget2 canggih ,ltk pic syg satu ...ok ?